with Less Than 100 Dollars, You Can Buy These 5 Best Spy Cameras

Nowadays the technology has improved and because of that you can find things that were very expensive previously sold at a very cheap price. With just 100 dollars and below, you can get a spy camera so you should not fail to buy one. Since there are numerous spy cameras in the market, you should buy the one that will suit you considering your budget so if you do not want to spend much, you can compare the cameras to buy the one with the feature that you want. You can look at the following hidden cameras that you can get with as less as 100 dollars.

with as low as 59.99 dollars you will get a USB wall charger. This is the cheapest hidden camera and it is very effective even though is it the cheapest. Using this camera is very simple so you will not get troubled when using it. With this camera, you can record 720p HD and the recording can take up to 20 hours. The camera is used while it’s plugged in a wall and it will take footage of all motions.

With 58.99 dollars you can get a 1080 spy pen camera. You can carry this type of a spy camera and walk with it while you record. You can use this camera anywhere since it is inconspicuous. The life battery of this camera is one hour and above.

Another type of the camera is the2K mini spy camera worth 89.99 dollars. This camera is very tiny but works wonders when it comes to recording. You can use this camera for three hours without charging it. This camera is special in such a way that you can charge it while it’s in use and its unnoticeable. You can use the 2K mini spy camera and no one will realize whether it’s being used because it doesn’t produce light.

MX-20 spy camera which cost 89.99 dollars. This other type of camera is designed to resemble a smartphone charger. For this camera, it takes videos while it’s recording the sounds. The MX-20 spy camera uses a small SD card of up to 32GB and it can record between 15-20 hours.

You can get a camera that looks like a vehicle key. This type of a camera costs 78.99 dollars and it looks exactly like a vehicle key so this one can be used in an open without anyone bothering since it’s like a car key.

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