Benefits of Forests

Forests cover at least a third of all the land on the planet earth. Many animals live in these forests. Human beings clear a lot of the forests every year. This deforestation puts our lives in danger because it interferes with the ecosystem. We take forest for granted not knowing how forests are important to us. Below are the benefits of forests. Forest assists us to breathe. The trees in the forest produce oxygen which is very useful in our body. They also take in carbon dioxide we remove or emit from our bodies. One tree having many leaves is considered to produce oxygen which can sustain two to ten individuals. Forest produces good quality air. Many species have their habitats in the forests. There are also a lot of people who live in the forests. About 300 million people live in forests across the globe. Forest helps to keep the environment cool. Forests reduce the amount of sunlight that could reach us and still it offers shade to us. They assist in keeping our bodies calm.

Forests help in making the rain. When sunlight strikes the surfaces of the leaves, the water in the leaves evaporates to the atmosphere which results in the formation of clouds. When the clouds are heavy they break down inform of rainfall. Trees from the forests prevent the occurrence of floods. Roots of the trees absorb a lot of water which could otherwise flood and thus reducing losing the soil. Forests reduce the strength of the wind. Cultivating near forests is very beneficial, because of the presence of birds which will eat insects which could have attacked your crops. Other trees serve s windbreakers and thus preventing your crop from being carried away by the wind. They also p(regent soil erosion from happening because the roots of the trees hold the soil firm and also prevents soil from being carried away by water. Not only holding soil firmly forests also helps to clean dirty soil by either getting rid of the toxins or making the toxins to be not as much dangerous as before.

Forests reduce noise because trees act as a noise barrier. This is because sound diminishes in the forests. Forests have trees which have fruits which are of great benefit to our body. Forests have trees which are medicinal and thus can help to cure some of the diseases. Trees help to acquire timber which can be used in making papers, constructing houses and many more. Forests offer job opportunities. Many people are employed to take care of the forests hence helping them to have a source of income. A forest makes that place to look even more beautiful because of the different types of trees which are beautiful. This also leads to a country earning foreign exchange because a lot of tourists will be eager to visit these forests. Forests are also a place you can go when you want to relax. This is because of the cool temperature in the forest which is very conducive and also because forests are beautiful and there is no interference such as noise. Forests act as water catchment areas where most rivers originate from.

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